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Alex Wilcox is an American artist, dj and electronic producer. He is currently based in Berlin.


Deep down the rabbit hole you’ll find Alex Wilcox in a hurry - cutting, copy-pasting, texturing, manipulating, saturating… relentlessly improvising. Fast-paced & multifaceted, this Mad Glitcher is an eclectic player - switching genres and BPMs faster than ever - typically playing only his own music. Through chop-chop sounds, Alex Wilcox gives life to nonsense wonders and unreal musical scenaries: welcome to oddball juke-techno without boundaries. What a maze!


Infatuated with 90’s rock music, young Alex Wilcox spent countless days copying John Frusciante’s guitar playing and listening to Smashing Pumpkins and the Butthole Surfers. He later dove into electronic music through Modeselektor, Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Portishead and AIR. During college, he visited Berlin, where his nascent interest in techno took a leap forward - he was particularly interested in its relation to funk music. Other big inspirations are Paul Kalkbrenner and Kanye West.


Excessively curious about music, Alex Wilcox is a self-taught technician, non-stop honing his production skills. On his Youtube channel, he also dissects numerous powerful tracks to understand their constructions. From Austin to LA then Detroit, Alex used to work at Chalice and Orb Studios where he was able to see the inner workings of pop, k-pop, rap, and rock music production. In Detroit, Alex got his hands dirty playing some gigs, and spent time with Mike Banks at the Underground Resistance HQ Submerge - as he went deeper into focusing on club music. Alex moved last year to Berlin, in search of the epicenter of techno and electronic music, hungry for more.

Be sure that Alex Wilcox rocks. 

photography : Torrence Allison


Recently, Alex Wilcox dropped one iconic release on Mama told ya « It’s okay to cry » and will drop some more near the end of the year.

He played at RSO (Berlin), Mess (Paris), Le Sucre (Lyon), La Belle Électrique (Grenoble), Geheimclub (Magdeburg), Underground events with BLDG01 (Detroit) and more.


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Alex Wilcox's 
Possession mix

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"It's okay to cry"