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Less Distress is an artist, dj, selector and producer of electronic music. Russian-born yet driven by her distinct political perspectives, she now calls Berlin home.

Beneath the calm exterior lies an undeniable force - she knows exactly when and how to make an impact. A meticulous and genuine technician, Less Distress manifests musical universality and refuses to be limited by genres or boundaries.

With a steadfast commitment to this rather unconventional philosophy, she welcomes the audience into a carefully curated musical tapestry that resonates profoundly with the moment. Whether it’s a pulsating nightclub, an intimate dancefloor, or an open-air festival, she seamlessly navigates diverse sonic landscapes, crafting emotional rollercoaster journeys during her sets.

Unlike DJs who speak in BPM, Less Distress communicates through the groove, the mood, the energy, the intellect, the mixing approach; from ambient beats to galloping rhythms, filled with trippy atmosphere and weird FXs, her sets and selections thoughtfully reflect an undeniable love for musical versatility and endless respect for an underground rave culture.

Hailing from “Tsar-City,” Less Distress honed her DJ skills in Saint Petersburg’s vibrant club scene before becoming a resident at Blank club in 2021. She since played in many European venues including iconic spots like Berghain (Berlin), Fuse (Brussels), Poing (Rotterdam), La Machine Du Moulin Rouge (Paris), Carbon (Paris), Le Sucre (Lyon), Elysia (Basel), Le Zoo (Geneva), Mondo Disko (Madrid), Nitsa (Barcelona), ://about blank (Berlin), PAL (Hamburg), Lehmann Club (Stuttgart), Rote Sonne (Munich), DE RIO (Florence), THE ØFFICE (Yerevan), as well as made appearances at Hör (Berlin) and Rinse (Paris).

Over the years Less Distress has unleashed over 30 tracks, showcasing her diverse sound across labels such as POSITIVE SOURCE, AKRONYM, IN ORBIT, RAW, ISMUS, COUP and many more. Notably, her conscientious piece, “Ambivalent Nature,” was part of the vinyl compilation “L’eau repousse les feux agressifs” out on MAMA TOLD YA. Adding to her recent releases is a 4-track groovy “Highland” EP on Entourage label (incl. Hasvat Informant’s remix), and whistling “Pi55ouri” track featured on a VA by Florence-based DE RIO label.

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