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Logistics manager & Assistant, Europe-based
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Join the Family : We’re looking for a new member <3 

We’re on the lookout for a dedicated Logistics Manager/Assistant who is passionate about the world of electronic music, booking, representing, and working with artists. Join our tight-knit crew and play a crucial support role, ensuring our artists, managers, agents, and promoters have smooth experiences from the moment a deal is made to the final performance.
We are seeking someone who takes responsibility, thrives in this role, and has the ambition to excel with high attention to detail and a caring attitude to assist us in maintaining high standards for our artists.


Your Role in our family:

  • Advancing and Artist Administration: you’ll handle advancing from managing artist contracts/invoices and make sure invoices get paid on time, all while keeping things organized and running smoothly.

  • Travel and Performance Coordination: you’ll take care of all travels and itineraries collaborating with promoters and partners - which includes tasks such as: booking travels, assisting with visa/work permits, booking artist accommodations, and confirming technical and hospitality riders. Basically, you’ll make sure every artist has a seamless journey and a solid itinerary before each show.

  • Support our Agents: You’ll be there to help our agents with data maintenance on our booking system and other similar tasks as they come up, and also for some last-minute urgent situations (flight canceled, etc.).

  • Sustainability tracking: tracking all sustainability data (numbers of flights/trains - kms, etc) with our partner Greenly.


What we’re looking For:

  • Experience: At least two years of experience with international artist advancing, handling travel logistics, contracts, and finances / invoicing. If you’ve worked with high-profile artists in the music industry, that’s a big plus!

  • Skills: Strong organisational and planning skills to keep things tight, even when it gets hectic. Being detail-oriented and good at solving problems is key. Being open to learning is also an important skill.

  • Work Ethic: a good work ethic, team spirit, and the ability to stay calm under pressure, as well as the ability to work proactively

  • Sustainability: an ally that values our green ethic and will always look for the most carbon-free itinerary for our artists.

  • Communication: great written and verbal communication skills. High level of English (spoken and written) is a must, and any extra languages are a bonus!

  • Confidentiality: you can keep things confidential and handle sensitive information with care.

  • Technical skills: comfortable with MS Office, Acrobat Reader, PDF software, travel search sites, Slack. Experience with DETAILS is a plus.

  • Someone with a desire to grow within the agency, and evolve into a Junior booker position with time.

  • Having good taste and understanding in electronic music is obviously a plus 

What we offer: 

  • A full-time job from Monday to Friday, with the occasional weekend emergencies to deal with artists on the road mainly during weekends.

  • Remote job is offered depending on your location base.

  • A super good adventure with awesome artists and crew alongside a crazy experience in the techno industry

  • Profiling yourself and building up an international network in electronic music

  • Personal guidance from other team members

  • Must be able to travel (inter)nationally using various means of transportation


  • To be discussed on terms on agreement

Starting date
1st of September

If you’re ready to join a family that values care, dedication, and good vibes, we’d love to hear from you! Mail us your resume and motivation in english only. If you have any specific questions, please include these in the cover letter 


We're looking for a Logistics manager / Assistant

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