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Leaning into several layers of electronic music, from metallic techno, angelic trance and squishy acid to cosmic bleep, Lolsnake (she/they) fuses a maelstrom of textures into their sets, stirring up heady atmospheres and hypnotic moods on the dancefloor, forming a magnetic aesthetic of their own.

The Iraqi-American DJ, visual artist and founder of the queer platform Weeeirdos approaches her work from a far-reaching and curious perspective, always finding ways to inject colour and charisma into the space she commands.

In 2023 alone, the Berghain regular took their sound worldwide, playing in De School, Blitz, Whole, and many more parties and festivals across Europe and the Americas, including a Weeeirdos showcase hosted by Boiler Room in Berlin. Since 2017, Lolsnake has curated Weeeirdos events across the city and beyond into Prague and Copenhagen. The party pokes fun and freedom into the primarily dark and sometimes pretentious aspects of the dance music scene, encouraging clubbers to dress in bold attire and arrive with an open mind. Interdisciplinary artists like Ellen Allien, Chippy Nonstop, Parrish Smith, and Schacke have recently soundtracked the series.

With plans to bring Weeeirdos on a world tour, host its Berghain debut and kickstart its eponymous record label, Lolsnake has proved to be a vibrant artist on the global scene and a leading example of what happens when one doesn’t follow the rules.

photography 1 & 2 : George Nebieridze

photography 3 : Eric Winkler


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