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UFO95 is a French artist and electronic music producer. He only plays live.

In search of unknown sounds, UFO95 travels through different worlds and different eras. He finds his inspiration from oldschool techno, raw, hypnotic techno. He also draws from the experimental scene to propel a mesmerizing, alienating and decidedly unique sound.


Proper musician, UFO95 plays several instruments and has a background in sound engineering. Self-taught in electronic music, he now only plays live and exclusively his own production.


After his first LP «Popularity is overrated» on Mama Told Ya label, he releases a second opus on it «Use your difference to make the difference» in a cosmic collaboration with Anetha.

Prolific producer, UFO95 recently founded ARCHIVE, his own label where he will be able to drop his own music whenever he wants: «ARC01» is its first release. 

He recently appears on Amniote Editions x Mala Junta VA, and is currently working on some sickening new collab.

UFO95 is a good guy. Be like UFO95. Explore. Enjoy.

photography : Solveig Herrstrom


Recently, UFO95 delivered furious podcasts for Boiler Room, Trax and Hate.

These last years, he also played at Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Berghain and Panorama Bar (Berlin),  Bassiani (Tbilissi), Basement (New-Yok), Domicile (Miami), Octav (Montreal), Intercell-ADE (Amsterdam), Fold (London), Blitz (Munich), Format (Toronto), HÖR (Berlin), RSO (Berlin), Faust (Seoul), Output (Pusan), Fuse (Brussels),  Pal (Hamburg), Village Underground (London), Rex Club (Paris), Zodiak (Brussels), Flashback (Budapest), Aeden (Berlin), Lehmann Club (Stuttgart)La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris), Le Sucre (Lyon), La Belle Électrique (Grenoble), Kalt (Strabourg), Bikini (Toulouse), Macadam (Nantes)…


What family member will you be in our family?

The big brother

have you heard about 
UFO95's last LP
on Mama told ya ?

Uniqueness ! MTY006 «Use your difference to make the difference » by UFO95 will make you rave.


check Wet for it, UFO95 & Anetha's last clip by Orgaphine

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