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Looks are deceiving:
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Coming back from his own initiatic tour from life, Schacke is definitely in his shaman era. Cleansing us through a 4-track purificatory ceremony, our new healer dug into mesmerizing mental, tribal, transcendental techno, summoned melancholic melodious synths, compelling us to explore the spectrum of our buried emotions. In this drum delirium, Schacke commands our psyche. You may feel that this is the end, but child, looks are deceiving, for it is just the beginning: let go.


ARC01 by UFO95

Prolific producer with a massive stock of tracks, UF095 launches his brand-new label ARCHIVE on June 2023.

Through old school vibes, UFO95 pays hommage to his favorite techno era where he extracts audacity and inspiration. Exploring the hard drive of it, he keeps pushing the frontier, looking for the unclassified sound.

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Our talk about music industry, artist career and ecology with Anetha, Joy and Jules has been recorded at Hôtel71 in Lyon. Enjoy ! French/English

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