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Now is the time to reinvent ourselves,

to collaborate and to develop a new way of thinking. Because artists deserve true allies in the evolution of their career, and because profound change is possible after all - we are starting a new community to help artists grow, be surrounded, have a better environmental impact & focus on one thing that brings us together - music.  

We know how complicated it is to deal with music, passion and career all at once - that it is crucial to think about our future and to be aware of our environmental impact ... especially today. And we also know that if artists win, music is winning.

So there you go, we want what is best for you. 
And we're more than ready to fight for it.  


A family that opens up to new possibilities, a family to explore & design our future. So rave all you want ! Mama got it covered - we'll take care of everything so that all you'll have to do is create, and make us proud.  

We are the shoulder on which you can lean on. 

Now you know.

from what's going on

"Musicians are the doctors of the soul."

Traxmag 31/07/2020
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"We are told today that we will have to think of other means, adapt, renew ourselves, but are we ready? Émilie likes the idea that we can find something even better than before: "We can imagine that there will be no after-effects but a beautiful result. That we will cherish all the more the moments when we find each other, that there will be no more over-consumption of the party, and that it will no longer be a place to get lost, but just to find each other". What if we change the situation?"

Tsugi 16/06/2020
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"Does our scene have the luxury of going without regular income?"

Tsugi 15/09/2020
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"Musicians and music producers are launching the following call for ecological transition. With their proposals, they wish to transform their uses and practices into consciousness in order, they say, to take "a daring turn"

Reporterre 16/07/2020
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"The urgent need for a sustainable music industry – and the innovations that make it possible "

Music x Tech x Future - 27/08/2016
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"Electronic music is a vector of powerful values. They form an economic sector with high local, national and international added value, and contribute alongside all the arts to giving meaning to life, cultivating minds, feeding the world and the well-being of societies. Without these artists and these spaces of diffusion, it is a part of the cultural wealth of the country that is fading away before our eyes."

Libération 31/07/2020
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"The night is a space of culture, creation and democratic effervescence. "

Libération 26/10/2020
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"Yes, labels too must and can reduce their ecological footprint."

Tsugi 26/06/2020
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"What kind of future for the night?"

Tsugi 07/09/2020
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"I'm a dead entertainer."

Laurent Garnier / Traxmag 26/10/2020
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to what we understood 

A family dance together - A family stick together.

We need to

diversify ourselves

Electronic music

is not only

about partying anymore.

We need to develop new forms of art

It is necessary to invent new, modest & intimate forms

of concerts.

We need to collaborate

& help each others more

Musicians must take advantage of the crisis and reinvent themselves.

We need to adapt a new way of thinking

We must keep the music scene alive outside the clubs & think more about sustainability.

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