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of C02
emitted per year


sustainable travels

(train, uber green)







of C02
emitted per year


sustainable travels

(train, uber green)





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Mama loves ya but Mama certainly cares about y’all and the future. That’s why we’ve partnered with Greenly for 3 years now. Greenly’s mission is clear: to help each company to manage its carbon footprint to better reduce its CO2 emissions. We are conscious that our industry and our company can be improved so we trusted Greenly to help us. It’s precious for us to take care of our home and to work on projects to compensate our Co2 emissions. As a starting point here is our study case and also, you can find our first 2 certificates above and see how we manage to reduce our CO2 emissions this year.

Here are 5 ways of progression for us.
Working on this 5 goals will help us reduce our CO2 emission efficiently. 

1. Anticipation and avoidance (with a better tour & gigs planning)
2. Integration of mobility issues
3. Responsible purchasing policy
4. Relocation of purchasing activities
(reduction of distances travelled)
5. Giving up (exclusivity clauses, being consistent with its commitments)

With this plan, our main goal is for 2030 to reduce by -25 to -43% our C02 emission

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Because it will take some time for us to reduce our CO2 emission, we didn’t want to just wait. With Greenly’s help, we decided to compensate financially twice our Co2 emissions (80T) by supporting programs to reach a positive healthcare and ecologic impact. Here they are : 

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« Ribeirinhos » is meant to provide property certificates to households living in the region to ensure stability and land security for residents. Through this project, the area is protected from illegal logging and poaching.

The Okhla "Composting Plant in Delhi" is part of the Delhi Science Integrated Waste Management Scheme. In May 2007, a concession agreement was signed with the Municipality of Delhi (MCD) to rehabilitate the Okhla composting plant with the support of carbon finance. The plant has processed over 265,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) to date and continues to divert over 200 tonnes of waste per day from landfills.

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statistics of our 
sustainability actions

This is what our commitments have enabled us to do so far


Greenly Ranking


of C02 compensated


given for good cause


social action conducted

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