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Anetha is a French artist, DJ, producer, label manager, talent agency co-founder and a trained architect.


Transmitting the glossy textures of techno, trance and experimental music, Anetha whips up bouncy basslines, stomping kickdrums, glorious melodies and a sprinkling of melancholic motifs, sharing her sound in seminal clubs and legendary festivals worldwide. From the industrial setting of Berghain, the sleek surroundings of Hï Ibiza, the dome of Gashouder and the open-air haze of Stone Techno, Anetha has garnered a loyal audience across the Americas, Europe, Australasia and beyond. Delivering lush and luminous productions and DJ sets, the Bordeaux-based artist works with attention to detail, creative construction, and nimble mixing — as one would expect from an artist with an architectural background.


2024 marks the release of Anetha's long-awaited album on Mama told ya. The ten-track LP honours her ephemeral taste in electronic music, welding a palette of post-club, techno, trance, experimental, nu-wave, rave, and DnB, and features Anetha's own voice, literally and figuratively. The album tells the story of Anetha's trajectory so far and explores ecological awareness, femininity, toxic masculinity and unwarranted opinions in the music industry. In true Anetha style, she conveys these themes with playfulness and a touch of irony across the album.


Several releases colour Anetha's discography, from her debut EP 'Ophiuchus' on Berlin-based label Work Them in 2015 and a myriad of EPs, singles and remixes on imprints like Anagram and OAKS and her own label, Mama told ya.


Launched in 2019 and co-founded by Anetha and her skilled, close-knit team of friends and family, Mama told ya platforms rising stars and encourages them to express themselves through music, no matter the stage of their journey. Limited edition and earth-friendly merch, including clothing and fragrance, extends the realm of Mama told ya alongside label showcases.


And then, there's Fané.e. It's a new label from Anetha and the MTY family. Every release follows a seasonal schedule, where tracks will be available to download and stream for a finite period until blossoming once more the following season. The label aims to share high-quality, genre-fluid productions without the restrictions of a vinyl-led imprint and to cultivate a more environmentally friendly way to consume music. 


In 2020, Anetha launched the talent agency Mama loves ya to nurture emerging artists worldwide. When it comes to sustainability, the agency walks the walk. Mama loves ya works with the carbon management project Greenly, helping offset, reduce and compensate for its carbon footprint and decrease CO2 emissions. Actions include implementing eco-riders and operating an open calendar on the MLY website, showing promoters where and when each artist is due to play, thus reducing travel distance between bookings.


Born in Bordeaux to nu-wave and electroclash-inclined parents, Anetha moved to London and then Paris, where she studied and graduated in architecture. There, she co-founded the label and party series Blocaus in 2012, honing her skill as a DJ and shaping her profile on the Parisian scene for the guts of ten years.


Now, Anetha has evolved into a fully established and globally recognised artist, blurring the lines between art, music and fashion through her artistry and relationships with fashion designers Marine Serre and Rombaut. If anyone can balance the tasks of touring, producing, and co-managing two record labels and a talent agency with poise, it's Anetha. 

photography : Mélissa De Araujo

stylism : Elena Mottola

make up : Mantis Leprêtre

hair : Gabriel De Fries

Capture d’écran 2021-10-02 à 16.56.47.png

photography : Julien Bernard

stylism : Clélia Cazals

make up : Qin Huo 

hair : Henry Olivier

watch Anetha's last gig at Stone Techno 2023

Watch Anetha's new teaser for MTY-010 : Mothearth

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