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ABSL is a French artist, dj and producer of electronic music.

Worker of a moist but textured industrial techno, ABSL walks us through the BPM. He makes a point of ensuring that both his lives and productions exude a breathless, bubbling narrative. Crazy sound design technician, his abyssal and spatialized sounds are the subject of a meticulousness - bordering on insanity. Finally, his quest for an unusual sound brings him closer to artists such as Blawan, Aphex Twin and even Rrose, in his psycho-acoustic approach.

Although he has started to heat us up seriously in recent years, ABSL discovers music when his brother introduces him to what a drum machine is. Mystical initiation, onanic exploration, it’s not easy to qualify this revelation imbued with serendipity. From Nantes, his heartland, he explores, feels, auscultates, palpates the sound. After fortuitous encounters, he embarked for Paris where many adventures awaited him: he released his first EP in 2016 on the label "South London Analogue Material". He has since made exhilarating outings noted as “K” on Blocaus Series or « Le Perçant Arcus » on RAW. In 2019, it was on "Mama Told Ya", along with Anetha, that he released the feverish EP "Don’t rush to grow up".

Ardent sidekick of the queer community, he is also a resident of the burning MYST parties and comes out in fall 2020 with the hot "Chaines et Dénuement", released on the said label.

Now come to ABSL, sweat and lose your mind

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