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Koldaq is a Belgian artist, photographer and videographer.

In this fast-moving world, Koldaq attaches great importance to the documentation of memories which we tend to forget so quickly due to this high paced society. Creating souvenirs and telling stories through the lens of his camera is what fuels him. Koldaq’s journey began at the crossroads of marketing and communication where he honed his craft not merely as a recorder of moments but as a weaver of narratives. With a background in marketing and currently finalizing his master in communication, koldaq has a profound insight into the dynamics of different media platforms which helps to optimise the content for each medium.


His filming style is versatile, ranging from the raw energy of handheld shots to the polished precision of stabilized frames, always tailored to complement the mood and rhythm of the music he accompanies. Koldaq finds inspiration in a variety of sources, from the innovative content of new creators such as the YouTuber Gawx, to the cinematic brilliance of directors like Wes Anderson and films like «Dune».


His journey in the music industry got a head start by meeting Dax j early on in his career. Dax pushed Koldaq to pursue video and helped him by introducing him to fellow artists. Today, Koldaq has worked with artists such as Anetha, Boys Noize, Patrick Mason, VTSS and Sevdaliza, to name a few. Besides working for artists, he has also joined forces with promoters such as Hangar, Intercell and Paradise City.


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