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Less Distress is a Russian artist, dj and producer of electronic music.

You may first ask what « Less Distress » is about. It is a powerful mantra she decided to claim as a bulwark against inner demons. Under a very quiet and com- posed attitude, be sure that there is a force to reckon with: Less Distress knows precisely how to strike. Meticulous and genuine technician, she plays fifty shades of techno, ventures to trippy atmospheres and weird FXs yet still pays hommage to old school: skillful, she studied. 
While playing, Less Distress use to build emotional rollercoaster journeys: embark for one galloping ride.

Coming from Tsar-City, Less Distress learnt dj craft in Saint-Petersburg’s Mosaique club and later on found a residential home at Blank club. In 2019, she released her first EP, already iconic, on COUP label, neatly named « Tsar- City ». Prolific, hard working and with a great sense of commitment, Less Distress released more than 18 tracks since (POSITIVE SOURCE, RAW, ISMUS, MITSU2000, VOIGHT-KAMPFF…), including the conscientious « Ambivalent Nature » lately on «L’eau repousse les feux agressifs», a compilation released on MAMA TOLD YA. Since joining the family, she played at Berghain (Berlin), HÖR (Berlin), PAL (Hamburg), La Machine (Paris), Le Sucre (Lyon), The Office (Yerevan), Le Bikini (Toulouse), Le Zoo (Geneve), Geheimclub (Magdeburg)…

Beware: Less distress in life will make you loose control

photography : @timosh

make up : @natasha_zheldakova

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How was your room when you were a child?

Tidy yet toys everywhere

watch Less Distress' set for the Slit x Mama loves ya virtual rave

Less Distress'
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Less Distress'

"Ambivalent Nature"
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